Zuni Icosahedron

The foremost of experimental theatre in Hong Kong

Co-Artistic Directors: Danny Yung, Mathias Woo

Founded in 1982, is one of the nine major professional arts companies in Hong Kong, and has established itself as a premiere experimental theatre locally, regionally and internationally. Zuni’s theatre has always stayed on the cutting edge of media technology in presenting the interactive relationship between multimedia and theatre, as well as in probing the possibilities of form and content in 'theatre space' through experimentation and exploration.

Zuni has been most inspiring in developing the aesthetics of theatre in Chinese society, with its experimental and subversive nature, and this could be seen in the interactive experiments in the narrative (or rather non-narrative), form and space in its early works. The same spirit could be found in the multimedia design in lights, images, sounds and spaces as in the attempts in the area of cross-media performances, to cross-boundary political and civil area, and to cross-region international cultural exchanges. The topics covered stretch from popular culture to social taboos, from the traditional to the contemporary.

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